Business Scenarios

  • Sales teams KPI and incentives are not completely aligned with the organisations growth strategies.


  • Sales teams often face an unpredictable workload and therefore fail to execute field plans to the best of their capabilities.


  • Weak region-specific demand forecasting leads to poor allocation of sales personnel.


  • Rapid increase in overall competition. However, a lack of field strategy, prevents an effective counter response.

Sales Force Optimization

  • ACE FORCE optimally distributes national sales budgets across sales territories by predicting demand patterns, on field scenarios and sales force capacities.


  • ACE FORCE provides real time sales force plans, recommendations’ (which territory to target, which products to focus on from portfolio) to better align organizational goals with field activities.


  • ACE FORCE incentives and compensation, dashboard helps align growth objectives with incentives by clearly demonstrating the performance of key focus areas.

Business Impact

  • 20% improvement in sales target achievement.


  • 30% savings in operational expenses from field activity.


  • 10% increase in sales force performance and personnel retention rate.