Business Scenarios

  • Fluctuation in demand, from none at all to un-readable patterns can mislead sales managers and make the forecasting process increasingly challenging which can lead to inaccuracies.


  • Keeping the appropriate level of inventory is imperative to an organizations operational efficiency. Unfortunately, most organizations tend to face either end of the spectrum, Low Inventory (Undersupply) or High Inventory (Oversupply) and struggle to find an efficient middle ground.


  • Sales figures can be increased simply by understanding sales form a Micro-Perspective. Unfortunately, this approach is extremely tedious for any sales manager.


  • Forecasting accurate demand is already a difficult process. The difficulty further increases when attempting to forecast demand for emerging sales channels (i.e. E-Commerce) where there is insufficient data to allow for an accurate result.

Demand Forecasting

  • ACE PREDICT combines internal sales data with external macro-economic factors. (GDP Per Capita by City, Imports to Exports ratio, etc) to forecast potential sales demand.


  • ACE PREDICT uses advanced data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to forecast demands at Micro-Economic levels (City, Borough, Postcode, etc).


  • ACE PREDICT can precisely distribute the demand forecast by sales channels and customer type.


  • ACE PREDICT operates at 98%+ accuracy levels and improves over time by autonomous-learning.

Business Impact

  • 30% Increase in sales opportunities by reducing inventory issues.


  • 50% increase savings from less product waste. (Inventory over supply).


  • 20% Improvement in overall customer satisfaction scores.