Business Scenarios

  • Accurate demand planning without a fully integrated distribution chain will result in unpredictable supply conditions.


  • Failure to forecast product availability or durring availability crisis’s can lead to dissatisfied customers and suppliers.


  • Customers can opt to purchase from an array of channel’s, online, convenient stores or supermarkets. The stock order actions needs to be precise at real time and at the lowest possible supply level.

Distribution Optimization

  • ACE SUPPLY provides distribution alerts, segmented by, product, area and delivery window to improve product availability.


  • ACE SUPPLY works as SaaS On-Cloud or On-Premise module with the capability to integrate rapidly with existing stock ordering systems and improvise over time to save system replacement costs.


  • ACE SUPPLY doesn’t require any hardware expenses from the client and is fully functional within weeks of project installation.


  • ACE SUPPLY can provide potential “out of stock” alerts at low stock levels. At different regional scales (postcode, borough, city, etc.)

Business Impact

  • 30% increase in sales opportunities by reducing “Out of Stock” issues.


  • ZERO additional hardware investment required in existing stock-ordering system, with more accurate distribution alerts.


  • 20% Improvement in overall customer satisfaction.