Business Scenarios

  • Constantly monitoring the effectiveness of multiple marketing activities across several consumer channels is a costly process.


  • The bottom-line sales impact is not distinguishable among the variety of marketing activities conducted, making it difficult to identify the effective activities.


  • Individual KPI’s for each advertising channel makes it difficult to compare and identify the optimal channel(s) (i.e. GRP for TV, Impressions for Social Media).


  • Without a standard benchmark available for comparison, budget allocation to the various marketing channels becomes increasingly challenging.

Marketing Optimization

  • AIM OPTIMAL uses internal sales data and previous marketing events to analyze the impact of each marketing activity on actual sales.


  • AIM OPTIMAL combined with advanced AI techniques such as ANN can identify the impact of individual marketing activities.


  • AIM OPTIMAL can differentiate between seasonal demand versus demand influenced by marketing strategy.


  • AIM OPTIMAL is able to recommend the best marketing mix for a specific budget.


  • AIM OPTIMAL can also recommend an optimal marketing budget per activity to meet sales targets.

Business Impact

  • 20% increased sales by optimizing marketing mix.


  • 40% net profit increase by optimizing marketing mix.


  • 20% less used in set budget. This can be invested to exploring new marketing channels.