Business Scenarios

  • Retaining a large customer base has proven to be extremely difficult without a micro-perspective of customer behaviour.


  • Implementing mass media marketing is both ineffective and inefficient without a strong understanding of how customers will respond to it on a micro-level.


  • Attempting to boost cross-selling conversion rates will definitely be a challenge without a strong understanding of how relevant the products are to customers.


  • Determining the reasons as to why customer retention rates are low can be frustrating for marketing managers, often leading to inaccurate conclusions.

CRM Optimization

  • AIM PRO-FILE software can enhance your customer experience across the acquiring, service, growth and retention stages.


  • AIM PRO-FILE “Customers Like Me” an AI algorithm to profile your customer base into micro-clusters, that can facilitate prioritization of your acquisition and service efforts.


  • AIM PRO-FILE can predict the most ideal customer audience and preferred communication channel to facilitate product cross-sell.


  • AIM PRO-FILE can predict customers who may stop consuming from your organization well in advanced providing you with enough time to react and retain them.

Business Impact

  • 40% improvement in customer retention and cross-sell rates.


  • 30% increase in customer satisfaction rates.


  • 8 week margin to retain customers before customer loss.