Data Monetization Partnerships

AiSensum’s main revenue stream is an analytics platform called OctoPi, which is an Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning driven platform that creates additional revenue streams for Enterprises & Startups through
Data Monetization Partnerships.

OctoPi uses NLG (Natural Language Generation) AI algorithms to generate insights on the data assets in addition to providing advanced analytics which give companies in the Telecommunication, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Finance verticals mission critical business intelligence.

These analytics are delivered through easy to use interactive dashboards which give insights such as Market share, Trend analysis, Price elasticity, Promotion effectiveness, Customer Segmentations, Behavioural Segmentations. White Space Analysers and other key parameters that showcase customer buying behaviour that are valuable to end clients in the Telecommunication, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and Finance industries.

Currently AiSensum has the following partnerships: