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Send data driven and relevant SMS messages  to improve your sales.


Send personalized content on Email for your customers to act on.


Use this messaging app to send alerts on new events & sales.

Mobile App

Reduce your churn rate with engaging push notification & in-app messaging. 

Web Notification

Improve conversions, return visits & customer engagement with relevant web notifications . 

Use the power of SMS to drive meaningful engagement with your customers!

With the highest opening rates across all channels, SMS is a powerful way to send messages to your customers . Move away from one size fits all Bulk SMS messages to a more personalized message that adds value to your customer.

Send personalized Emails & avoid getting marked as SPAM!

Our Understand section outlines details of who your customers are and what they want. We use this data to create hyper personalized Emails which your customers are more likely to read and act on.

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Simple, personal real time messaging on WhatsApp!

With Our API partnership with kata.ai, we can send creative offers and promotions through Whatsapp to your customers.

Send data driven relevant messages through Push notification & In-app messaging.

Our Understand section outlines customers data on name, location, products bought, loyalty , purchase behavior etc. which is valuable info to send relevant and personalized push notifications & in-app messaging.

Improve conversions & re-visits through Web Notification.

With in-built cookies, we can reach your customers with direct messages while they are online – even if they are not actively using your website. Increase engagement through reminders on abandoned cart or offer special discounts on items they are searching for.