A wealth of real world business experience

Ai needs to be coupled with market and business intelligence
and insight to have impact.

Our model of ‘customer-centricity’ – of putting client and customer understanding before algorithms and software – is what makes us stand out from the pure Data Scientists who lack real world business knowledge and experience.

We can do this because our leadership team has global backgrounds in market intelligence and insight across borders and verticals; whether on the client side, as consultants, or both.

Alongside this wealth of real world business experience,
AiSensum has assembled a large world class team of Ai
and Big Data experts.

Total, meticulous, seamless
client support.


Vivek Thomas

Global Managing Director

Madhavan B

Operations Director

Agung Arafah

Mathematician Artist




Head of Business Relationships - Indonesia



Passion drives us – we bring our complete attention, focus and expertise to each and every project we do.


Technological innovation is the bedrock of our work and is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.


We don’t rest easy on our past achievements or existing tools, instead we have our eyes set firmly on the future.


We are full of youthful energy and brimming with fresh ideas – qualities that we nurture in our team and reflect in our work.