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How Persona Based Marketing Increased Uniqlo Sales by 3.6X

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Impact of Persona Based Creative Contents

Persona based Creative Content improved Uniqlo sales by 3.6X (MoM)

Uniqlo is one of Asia’s and the world’s fastest-growing apparel brands. With stores in all major cities in Indonesia, the brand produces high-quality apparel that people can wear daily.

This is represented by the LifeWear campaigns.
With a goal to further boost digital marketing performance, Uniqlo Indonesia has partnered with AiSensum as their Performance Marketing agency to drive Awareness of users to their E-Commerce platforms (Website and App) as well as achieve their sales targets and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Global Headquarters at Uniqlo has very high quality Creative Content but lacks local considerations targeted towards consumers of Indonesia. Specifically, it lacks how the product fits within the customers social setting and preferences. In this regard, AiSensum created Personas for the Target Market with details like gender, age and psychographic traits like core tensions, motivations, functional and emotional needs from products.

A snapshot of Personas used for Uniqlo Indonesia

Persona give Uniqlo a competitive advantage in the Indonesian digital space. While most digital advertisers and content creators only highlight the functional benefits of products, persona-based content emphasizes the emotional benefits.

When it comes to creating content that resonates with local audiences, the emotional benefit is dependent on creating a social and cultural context that reflects the persona. In other words, effective “Glocalized” content is targeted and personalized to reflect the values and lifestyle of the targeted Persona

Translating Personas into Creative Contents

These personas were then translated into Creative Content.
The Strategy was to use Creatives from Uniqlo Global Headquarter and Glocalize them to appeal to the identified personas.

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