It’s never been so easy to upload your data!

Customer interaction data create a wealth of data in the form of calls, emails, chats, reviews, ratings and call centers/ chat agents, or forums. We allow you to drag and drop these conversations using easy to use templates which are uploaded to a secure S3 AWS data bucket

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Understand how to respond to customers using Word Correlations.

Combing through millions of sentences is beyond tedious. Our NLP algorithms extract the key sentiments, emotions , basa basi , intent and themes that are used to create word correlations.


Create content that will help you respond to your customers the right way.

Our NLG Algorithm creates custom content for you which maximises positive sentiment. We do this using Ai driven Interactions Network Algorithms which we run on the VOC conversations.
Users can use these suggestions to fine tune their marketing content which can then be used for Digital and offline campaigns.

Use our simulation model to view the message you will send.

See how your messages will look like on selected channel of SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Web notification, In App/ Push Notification.

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