The Process

1. Face ID Detected

Differentiating one customer with another by creating unique Visitor Face ID for each visitor

2. Find Match in Customer Database

Database lookup to match a particular visitor Face ID with their purchase & in-store behaviour data.

3. Up Sell & Cross-sell Notifications Pushed into POS device

Notification sent to POS devices or Android Apps, to give alert when a recognized Visitor Face ID detected entering the store. CEP will provide Cross-sell & upsell suggestion to engage with.

Optimize your product placements.

Our Heatmap & Path analysis examines how each visitor explores your store to identify the Hot and Dead zones in the store. Our Perimeter Analysis provides alternative layout schemes to optimize your product placement.

Engage every visitor.

Every time a new visitor walks in the store, our In-Store Ai-CEP software clusters the visitor into specific groups for better customer targeting. Relevant offers make a positive first impression that keeps them coming back.

Improve conversion rates with our POS Analysis.

Measure your conversion ratio from visitor to buyer. The conversions can also be viewed by product, gender ,age group & frequency of visiting your store.

Offer value with Upsell & Cross-sell offers.

We aim to increase your Customers Lifetime Value by offering personalized cross-sell & upsell offers that match your individual customer profile. Up Sell & Cross-Sell suggestion is pushed into shopkeeper’s POS system.