Putting business sense in your data.

With Aisensum Data Analytics, you can identify interesting insights & take business decisions with confidence.The following section outlines the Analytics tools we use.


Data analytics solutions used for AI-CEP.

The AI & ML algorithms which evolves with every months data is used for clustering, product association & forecasting which are the essential analytics tools for CEP.

Performance Analytics

Set your OKR and compare your performance by Segment overview, Segment Conversions & Churn rates.

Precision Analytics

Move away from ‘one size fits all’ into a personalized User & Cluster Action Plan. Know who to target, when to target the message & with what promotions

Predictive Analytics

Predict the future – understand cross sell & upsell sales for the next 3 months.
Predict churn, conversion , optimal channel & time to send messages.

Data analytics solutions used for AI-CCP.

Our NLP Algorithm which continually learns, will start to identify communication trends through how your customer communicates to you. Identifying new contexts, nuances and slangs is integral to truly understanding your customer.

NLP Analytics

Our sophisticated NLP algorithms detects sentiments, emotion, basa-basi & theme categorization intent.Trained on Bahasa Indonesia & English.

NLG Analytics

Our data-driven intelligence helps our NLG algorithm to create custom content using our Ai driven Interactions Network algorithms.