It’s never been so easy to upload your data!

We believe in giving our customers a warm welcome. This starts by simplifying the on-boarding process. We have templates on which your data can be uploaded onto a secure S3 AWS data bucket.

Don’t want to DIY…we can DIFY!!

Don’t want to DIY the upload process. No worries! We can Do It For You! Our Customer Success Manager will help you set up this process.

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Understand who your customers are.

Our segmentation goes beyond the basic RFM model by segmenting consumers based on demography, media habits, payment methods & the products they buy. Our AI based segmentation captures behavioral trends rather than rely only on usage trends.

The overview of segments show you what products and to whom you need to prioritize your marketing efforts.


View your Action Plans.

We have two outputs –

1. User Action Plan for own media (SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Web notification, In App/ Push Notification. )

2. Cluster Action Plan for paid media (Instagram, Facebook etc.)

We have easy to view and actionable Action Plans by the Top Consumer Segments, Top Products, Top Regions & Top AI plans. We also have plans that can fit your budget in our Low Cost & Medium Cost Plans. Want to have a plan based on your current Inventory – explore the Top Inventory Plans.

Use our simulation model to view the message you will send.

See how your messages will look like on selected channel of SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Web notification, In App/ Push Notification.