Check out the features that makes LuckyLaku Lab so easy to use

Uploading your Online sales data couldn’t be easier!

All we require is an excel sheet that has your online sales data for the past 6 months atelast. This sheet has the following 7 items :Name of customer, Email, Phone number, Product bought,  colors/size/other sub categories.

Download our free Sales Data Template.

We also support:

1.Transactions done via WA chats

2.Accounting platforms like Djournal, Moka etc.

We provide an overview of your sales performance & quickly point you to parameters that may concern you. These include :

  1. Revenue earned for the previous cycle
  2. ROAS (Return on Ad spent) across previous cycles
  3. Performance of customer segments
  4. Details on Top Categories, Top Color, Top size, Top discounts etc

We create reports on your campaign performance & use these learning’s for your next cycle of Laku Plans.

Engage with the right customers, at the right time, with the right content by creating hyper personalized Emails & SMS which your customers are more likely to read and act on.

Applicable for – Retention Offer, Reactivation Offer, Re-celebrate Events.

Start re-targeting current customers & acquiring new customers with LuckyLaku Lab today.

Have you checked out all the features & now you are eager to know if LuckyLaku Lab works well for your Paid Ads? Try it today & get INR 2500 credit!

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