How to Increase Social Media Engagement? Use This AI

How to Increase Social Media Engagement? Use This AI


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In the dynamic landscape of content marketing, the traditional approach of creating content, publishing it, and then analyzing its performance has proven to be inadequate for modern marketing teams.

To address this challenge, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful ally, enabling marketers to analyze and enhance their content even before it hits the public eye. This paradigm shift not only streamlines the content creation process but also ensures that marketers deliver high-quality, engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

Rethinking Content Analysis: A New Approach

1. Traditional Approach:

  • Create the content.
  • Publish the content.
  • Analyze after publication.

2. Modern Approach with AI:

  • Create the content.
  • Analyze the content with AI.
  • Improve the content based on AI insights.
  • Publish the refined content.

AI Tool: Advi – Your Content Enhancement Partner

One of the leading AI tools in this space is Advi, designed to provide valuable insights into content quality and effectiveness. Let’s explore how Advi can revolutionize your content marketing strategy:

AdVi’s Ai algorithm is very powerful and the machine has been trained with over 5000 content across several brands and categories. The content used for training are organic posts and Influencer posts. Benchmarks have been created by the type of content and category (personal care, beauty, fashion etc)

1. Content Scoring and Feedback:

Advi evaluates your content and assigns a score based on various parameters, including relevance, readability, and engagement potential. Receive detailed feedback on what aspects of your content need improvement.

Example of Content Score and Status:

2. Decision-Making Assistance:

Determine whether your content is ready to go, requires revisions, or should be rejected based on Advi’s scoring system.

increase social media engagement

Streamline your decision-making process, ensuring only high-quality content makes it to publication.

3. Additional Gains from Advi:

Hooks Analysis: Evaluate the effectiveness of your content hooks. Advi helps you understand whether your hook is compelling enough to attract your target audience. Example of Hook Analysis:

Message Delivery Assessment: Ensure that your content delivers its intended message effectively. Advi highlights areas where your message may need clarification or enhancement.

Video Quality Check: If your content includes videos, Advi assesses the stability and quality of the video, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

Engagement Prediction: Leverage Advi’s predictive analytics to estimate reach, impressions, and engagement potential. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your content for maximum impact.

Embracing AI tools like Advi in your content marketing workflow transforms the way you approach content creation. By incorporating AI analysis before publication, marketers can proactively enhance their content, ensuring it aligns with audience expectations and industry standards.

The integration of Advi offers not only a content scoring system but also a comprehensive set of insights that empower marketing teams to create compelling, high-performing content in a more efficient and effective manner. 

Is your content effective enough?

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Ready For G

Ready For Your Giant Leap?

Enhance your marketing's effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and results with AI now! Contact us today and thank us later!

Ready For G

Ready For Your Giant Leap?

Enhance your marketing's effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and results with AI now! Contact us today and thank us later!

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