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Congratulations on building a successful online business

Just like you, we know that creating your own path is not easy. But hey, you have done it right! Be it creating your own product, selling it online or growing your followers on Social Media, you did it all.
But now you aim to grow even bigger and Luckylaku Lab can help you achieve this milestone.

Online Sales via Paid Ads isn't easy!

What content do I advertise this week?

“I am not sure what parameters make people buy my product  - like color, material, promo etc. ”

Who is the ideal audience for Paid Ads?

“I do some guess work when I fill in audience details, key words, hashtags and interests.”

How do I set the right Parameters?

“I am not sure what will get my sales : Campaign Objectives, Bid Strategy, Frequency Cap etc.”

The secret to increasing Online Sales lies in your Transaction Data

Let us help you analyse your data

Introducing the

LuckyLaku Lab

The more you count on data, the luckier you get.
We make this happen by analysing your transaction data to...


7 Lucky Combos to attract new customers via Social Media.


3 unique offers to Delight, Retain and Reactivate customers.


5 Special Events when it's right for customers to buy from you.

How it works

Share your sales data

We process your data

Get your Laku Plans

Launch your Laku Ad

Enjoy your 10X Laku

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#KeepCalm and #SocialMedia on with our Facebook certified professionals


Look how lucky our clients get

“By partnering with Aisensum, we are able increase sales conversions on Facebook by up to 30% . Moreover, the cost per sale was only IDR 20.000, our lowest ever. Aisensum has helped with the right content to attract the right audience. I recommend Aisensum for their excellent services and user friendly dashboard. They are the right partner if you want to increase online sales and optimize customer conversion!”

Acesa Anindita , Marketing Manager, Cottonink

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